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Every movement begins with a story.

Each of our campaigns began with brave leaders speaking out against injustice that they and their neighbors have experienced firsthand.


Their voices were joined by others who may not have experienced the same struggles, but who could relate to universal themes of fear, hardship, loneliness, hope, and perseverance.

This is why in every meeting we return to the power of the story. We take time to build relationships across lines of difference, because that is where the real growth happens.


It is what allows us to bravely share conflicting views, humbly ask for clarification, and celebrate together from the heart.

If you are interested in joining our work, please call or email Dondei, our organizer.


We'll invite you to sit down for coffee, and share your story of what is calling you to act for justice.


From there, we'll work together to connect you with our team leaders and find just the right place for you on our team.

Every movement begins with a story, and our movement begins with yours.

Berkshire Interfaith Organizing

175 Wendell Ave, Pittsfield MA 01201

(310) 910-5350

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