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immigrant justice

Racial Justice

Black and Multicultural Studies in Pittsfield Public Schools

Our leaders, who carry years of lived and learned experiences of race, have collectively identified high school education as a crucial period for productively challenging ideas and beliefs about race.


Berkshire Sanctuary Network and the Immigrant Accompaniment Program

We're fighting fear and isolation by empowering leaders within the Latino and immigrant community, as well as our American leaders with citizenship, to speak up and make systemic change.



Volunteer Driver Program Campaign

We're building relationships between those facing transportation challenges and regional power brokers, researching and developing innovative models for statewide transportation, and pushing for their implementation.


Food Access

Lee and Great Barrington Price Chopper Closing Campaigns

We do sustained organizing to ensure equal food access across the county. While food access is no longer our top priority, we work to preserve the change we've created and enable future action.

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