The Judeo/Christian prophet reminds us in Micah 6:8. God wants us to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.

From local faith community outreach actions to countywide collaborations through BIO, community organizing helps us answer the call of MICAH, building power, by working together, to make the changes needed in our county.


MICAH, our annual celebratory event, recognizes local faith community organizers who have made a difference through their organizing actions.


This year, because of COVID restrictions, BIO found a new way to celebrate this work. It took a lot of skill building and calling in people with the technical skills we had yet to acquire! It took a lot of organizing in a new way!


Yet, our finished production reminded us that we truly are a determined, creative and energetic group, able to adapt to changing circumstances. We love the result as an even better way to recognize these faithful souls for their organizing work.