A Message from BIO

Hello BIO friends and leaders,


Out of concern for our community’s  health and safety, we will be cancelling all in-person BIO meetings until further notice. We will take our guidance about resuming meetings from public health experts.


This includes the scheduled Clergy Gathering (3/20) and the Issues Assembly (3/31).


It also includes campaign team meetings such as Racial Justice (3/16), Sanctuary Network (4/1) and Accompaniment Coordinators, and our Leading Change Academy (Thursday mornings).


If a Team Chairperson feels it necessary to meet, please let us know and we will help set up a Zoom meeting.  Upcoming Nuts and Bolts, too, will be cancelled.


The BIO Officers will continue to meet regularly via Zoom to help us slow down safely, and speed up thoughtfully when the time is right.  We remain mindful of our commitments to our members and partners.


Thank you,

BIO Organizers and Officers












We act towards justice by building relationships within our communities

and across lines of difference, developing our leaders' skills in the public arena,

and taking action on issues of common concern.

Racial Justice

Black and Multicultural Studies in Pittsfield Public Schools

Our leaders, who carry years of lived and learned experiences of race, have collectively identified high school education as a crucial period for productively challenging ideas and beliefs about race.

Berkshire Sanctuary Network and the Immigrant Accompaniment Program

We're fighting fear and isolation by empowering leaders within the Latino and immigrant community, as well as our American leaders with citizenship, to speak up and make systemic change.


Volunteer Community Car Ride Service Campaign

We're building relationships between those facing transportation challenges and regional power brokers, researching and developing innovative models for statewide transportation, and pushing for their implementation.

Supporting the Work and Family Mobility Act

BIO, as part of the Driving Families Forward Coalition, is gathering support for the Work and Family Mobility Act.


The Act removes immigration status as a barrier to gaining a MA drivers license. It'll keep our communities safe and help our immigrant neighbors live independent lives in the Berkshires.

"Organizing is a magic, born of materials we all have:

stories, interest in others, being moved to action on behalf of relationships…

all these elements coming together deepens and enriches community."


- Martha Congdon, BIO President

Whether it's strategizing, story-telling, or skill-building, we've got something for everyone.


Check our calendar to see how you can plug in!

It all begins with relationship. We want to hear what's calling you to the fight for justice.


Schedule time with one of our organizers to get started!

Our work wouldn't be possible without your contributions.


A gift of any amount moves us one step closer to justice for all.

Berkshire Interfaith Organizing

175 Wendell Ave, Pittsfield MA 01201

(413) 464-1804

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